Frequently Asked Questions

We’re often asked questions about who we are and what we do, and most importantly why we can be the right people to create the bathroom you always wanted.

So to help you make that all important decision about what to do next, here are the answers to the most common questions…

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OK, this one is maybe a little selfish, but we just had to start by blowing our own trumpet here.  Because we’re local to Horley, Reigate and Dorking, we really know the kind of properties that make up our local towns.  This means we understand the architecture and range of building types that need to be matched against each of the different styles of bathroom we  supply.

This makes more of a difference that you might think.  A bathroom suite that looks good in specially built stand in a showroom may not be right for your particular bathroom for a whole host of reasons.  On the other hand, something that may not seem right when you look at it in a catalogue could be just the thing once its installed in your home environment.  Because we’ve designed and installed so many bathrooms in the area, we can guide you to make the very best choices.

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Most people tend to think the main consideration here is the budget.  Bespoke is nice to have but its more expensive, standard is cheaper and probably ok.

But often you can actually be better off with a bespoke bathroom.

When people buy a new suite and have it installed, they may take a look around and decide the tiles are not right now, and maybe the cabinets and cupboards don’t quite match in the way they hoped, or the space around the bathroom doesn’t quite work and something needs to be moved now.  They then end up changing and replacing things in stages, and this can end up costing quite a bit more than they expected it to.

However, if the bathroom update is treated as a whole project, as we do when we look at your bathroom, it gives you the chance to think about everything in one go.  While the initial cost will be higher it only needs doing once.

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